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Re: Interesting article about long term survivors over 50:

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This was sent to me from a friend recently published I believe in the NY Times.  This article really spoke to me about what I think many of us have been going through.  Thought I would share it as it is worth a read.  Hope I can paste it properly so you can access it.  Here it goes:

Hopefully it works.

Hey Ray,

I read this a few days ago. It is sobering, to say the least.

As the news story said, most of the services, etc., are geared toward younger, more recently infected people. This means there is a segment of the population, us, who need services that often don't exist for them.

This quote from the article is quite telling:
"Nearly three-quarters of H.I.V.-positive New Yorkers ages 50 and older live alone, according to the health department; in a 2006 survey of 914 H.I.V.-positive older New Yorkers by the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, two-thirds of the respondents were moderately or severely depressed."

I don't think New Yorkers are alone in this The majority of those people I know who are living HIV and are 50+ live alone and I can safely say ,many don't have family to rely on should they need help.



There's another discussion going on about the report.


Jeff G:
This is an excellent read .... and its being discussed in this thread also .

Another slant to this....

It is one thing to be able to live for 20+ years with HIV....but then those great service provider individuals that have always been there for me....are retiring.

I continue to live and wonder who will be my advocate in public health or at the doctor's office. It is disheartening to hear that your primary HIV doctor is retiring. It has been disheartening that two case managers that have provided the connection to services have stopped working.

I (and I assume most of us) advocate for ourselves...but who will take the place of those service providers that assisted us and loved us and respected us?


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