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Moving to the US soon and on Meds.


I'll be moving back to the states--Florida--in about a month or so. I am currently on Meds, (Truvada + Alluvia) which I buy sans insurance costing me around $130 a month for both. But once I get to the states, I won't be able to pay and seems that I'll be out of a Job for about a year or so until I get employed in my field--need to pass a few exams for this to happen.

How easy/dificult is it to get meds/insurance (medicare?) in Fl? What benefits can I get? Seems that for some benefits, an AIDS diagnosis or HIV symptomatic is needed. Does thrompcytopenia or Dermatisis seborrea count?

How about housing?

Is everything done via ADAP?


Although someone may come along with my precise advice, one of the first things I would do is to find the nearest ASO (Aids service organization) to assist you in getting meds and checking out what other services are in that area.  I'm not familiar with Florida's programs, maybe someone else who is will chime in.


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