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Question Regarding Guarantee Issue Health Insurance


Gary S:
My Cobra is ending in August and my Medicare does not kick in until September so I have a 1 month gap. I will be eligible for guarantee issue health insurance (under HIPPA) but it is outrageous (like $1500 a month for a $10,000 deductible policy) and they require 2 months payment in advance.

Since you have 63 days from when your Cobra ends to get this insurance, I was wondering if I could wait and see if anything catastrophic happens (like a heart attack or serious car accident) before Medicare kick in and if so, send in the money. Will I be covered retroactively back to when my Cobra ended?

This is often the advise given to people eligible for Cobra with a gap of less that 63 days between group insurance policies.

If nothing serious happens in the 30 days from when my Cobra ends to when Medicare kicks in, I SAVE $3000!!! but can't take the risk if I can't retroactively get the guarantee issue insurance. I seem to be getting conflicting information on this and was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge regarding this type of scenario.

As always, thanks for all of your help


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