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So, let me try to break this down, not sure who all has read my other posts, and in lieu of a support group in central il to go and get advice on, I come to the forums again for advice.

Diagnosed a year ago, HIV/aids, pcp pneumonia, cyptococcal meningitis, lung deflated blah blah blah, from day 1 everyone told me to apply for ssi and ssdi, I waited a few months till the fall then finally had everything in order to start my disability application around Christmas.

I've sent them everything they needed of me, minus showing up at their office with my impressively large and organized big black medical binder (thank u OCD and grandma). I went to a required dr appt with some random dr last month who had no idea why I was sent there, let alone what was wrong with me. The whole appt was odd, the dr asked me a few stupid questions, looked at all the holes in my head, felt my stomach blah blah, then asked exactly what I was even there for. I explained my diagnosis and he abruptly sent me on my way.

I called my adap caseworker and my adjudicator for an explanation, but they were very little help. I was told to wait 10 to 14 days and callback if I hadn't heard anything. Yesterday was day 15, no word, so I called.

Adjudicator stated a decision had been made but he was no longer handling my case anymore and I'd need to contact the initial SS office I started with. Fine. I call there, they tell me the same thing about a decision being made but can't tell me what it is, BC my file was ''randomly selected'' by the Quality Review Board ''to ensure that all the T's were crossed and the i's dotted'' and that I should wait ANOTHER 14 days for my letter of approval or denial.

Both calls I felt were positive but a little sketchy, kinda like when your at a job interview or on a date and the other person isn't saying something but you can tell they are hiding it by being overly polite.

I'm coming up on 6 months without being able to work BC I don't want to eff up the decision, be it an approval, I can work still if I wanted its just I can no longer work as hard as normal for me. Growing tired easily and being very short tempered, when before I worked like a machine and could care less if ppl tried to get me mad, which I believe my dr attributed to my meds but won't change them just quite yet.

I'm unsure what all this QRB shit means, and Googling has become rather unproductive with all these stories from non-poz ppl about how horrible their disability processes went.

So I am putting it to the forums for your thoughts, advice, wisdom & experiences with this process.
Mainly regarding this Quality Review BS I'm waiting on now.

Gary S:
I had the same thing happen to me. After I was approved, my case was "randomly" selected for review. Along with adding several weeks to me finally getting my award letter, it added a LOT of stress. I was told that another, completely different investigator would be reviewing my entire case and ensuring that the person that approved my application did EVERYTHING by the book. This person (I was told) has the ability to reverse the approval if they feel proper protocol was not followed.

They only have a set amount of time to complete this review. I don't recall how long that was however once that time has passed, if you call SSA, they can expedite the final decision for you. I did this and was FINALLY approved.

Hope this helps

It sounds like you have a strong case for SSI. That is why they are having to *ahem* review it.

Follow the timeline you've been given. Get it in writing. If you've been told they're supposed to make a decision on  X day, make sure you call and follow up the very next day.

They are required to follow the timeline they've given you. If you don't keep following up, they will let your case languish.


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