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Complera for Treatment Naive?

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I am happy to report that in 6 months my CD4 count went to 560 and my viral load to undetable. But....we'll see.  I intend to switch off it due to gastric problems.  I have acid reflux and am not happy with Complera because it will not allow me to take pantoprazole.  I will be switching to Stribild.

Hey Joel, good to hear about your CD4s and UD VL.

Have you ever been tested for H.pylori? it's a very common gastric bug and is a leading cause of ulcers and acid reflux. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of doctors aren't aware of it and so never test for it.

The treatment for H.pylori is rather intensive, consisting of at least two antibiotics taken for three weeks. However, when this little bug is cleared from your system, you should be able to dump the acid reflux treatment. As far as I am aware, the antibiotics used to treat it do not interact with any hiv meds.

I urge you to get tested for H.pylori. There are several ways of testing for it, but please be aware that the breath test is unreliable; it often gives false negative results. At the very least testing will rule it out as a possible cause but if it turns out to be the problem,
testing and treating will be well worth it.

I hope this may be the answer to your problem. I know of at least one person who was absolutely miserable with this bug (acid reflux and general nausea) and her doctor was blaming it on her calcium supplements. I urged her to get tested, she tested positive, and within a month was feeling her old self and able to keep taking her calcium supplements.

Yes, I know what forum I'm posting in, but I thought this was important. ;)

Good luck Joel!


Thanks Ann


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