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Complera for Treatment Naive?

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My First post here. Greetings to all.

I started taking AZT in 1989. CD4 was 64 in 1989.
 I have switched HIV drugs over the years in trials, and when FDA approved new drug therapies, to try to elevate CD4 which has remained static all these years around 200 and to also perhaps tolerate side effects better. The Viral load has always been "undetectable" as reported for the tests available at the time. The CD4's wont increase much
 None of the newer better drugs has ever been able to increase My CD4 beyond 350 and the labs range between 130 to 200 for the most part. For all these years.

 Nutrition has been a valuable tool for me as well as exercise and Positive Attitude in my health care and life in general.
 Supplements, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic and support from family and friends have been available and enjoyed.
 The CD4 just wont gain much increase. I have read a few articles about Thymus Gland Fatigue in LTS' on line and discussed it with The Doctor.
 I switched to Complera a few years ago and the viral load is undetectable still... However, CD4 Consistently remains at 300 or below.
My Question is; Are there any other LTS who have adopted Complera as therapy even though GILEAD suggests it only be used by Treatment Naive?
 I Tolerate Complera well and with past drug changes having little effect on my CD4 counts I don't expect, and so far it has not shown,any improvement on CD4 however Viral Load remains Undetectable.
Have any other LTS who are not "Treatment Naive" adopted Complera for therapy? I am looking at other drug therapies in case of the need to switch. I have tested no resistance to any of the HIV drugs so the world is my Oyster(so to speak) I can use any HIV combo I might choose without worry of any built up resistance. Yes I consider myself Lucky! Ha! I am also Grateful.
Thank You in advance for any kind consideration here.

 i'm on Complera (marketed in Australia as Eviplera) and Raltegravir. Previously I'd been on a five drug combination. I got a modest increase in CD4s after the first 3 months going from 100 to 130 CD4s.

The only drawback I found with taking it, is that it must be taken with a substantial meal to get optimum uptake of the drugs. Other than that it's a nice pill, no side effects for me.

good luck.

G,Day and thank you for your reply.

Yes the full meal for absorption seems quite important. Best Wishes to You for a healthy appetite.
Low CD4's after years of HIV treatments must not be that uncommon for LTS and since I tolerate Complera and Viral Load is undetectable I shall remain using it as my therapy for near future.
All the Best to You.

Hey Calison,

First, welcome to the forums?

Regarding Complera, I know several people who take it and are doing very well with it. None of them were treatment-naive when starting it.

Unfortunately, yours is not an unusual situation. I have known quite a number of people who manage to get the virus under control, undetectable, but whose CD4s never rebound to robust levels.

This normally occurs when someone either started treatment with a very low CD4,  as you said you did, or are co-infected with another chronic illness, such as Hep C.

I don't have any advice for you, but wanted to let you know you weren't alone with this issue.



Thank You Mark
That is comforting to hear that I am not alone in the CD4 issue. That was indeed part of my question however I may not have stated that in my post. You are astute to have picked up on this.
The latest Doctor at the Clinic I attend made much about his desire to elevate my CD4's and has suggested more drugs. To learn this is a common issue with other LTS helps me greatly in my peace of mind.
 I notice in local support groups here many are not LTS and indeed issues are quite different at times. This Forum has given me some great comfort.
 I thank you also for insight that other LTS are using Complera with decent results. I am very interested in Maintaining easier therapy after all these years of Multi Pharma Digestion.
Big Hugs to You Mark  :)


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