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Well I wasn't too shocked at my dexa results, just that they came back so low.  The pelvis and femur area came back at 1.2 but my spine area came back at 1.1

At least there are a few options.  One is going to the infusion clinic once a month for several hours being iv'd the treatment.  Think I've ruled that out as I was stir crazy when I spent 22 days in a row receiving 8 hour infusions to kill the crypto.

There are a few pills that I can also take and I told him to just pick one.  My daily pill intake indicates that a few more won't make a difference. 

This doesn't address the falling issues and jelly leg, but I can try to lessen the damage when it happens again.  I've taken to standing on just my left leg when fist standing up.  I've noticed that my right leg is shaking uncontrolably for a few moments and I have no feeling in it for a while. 



I'm sorry to hear that your bone scan results came back so low.  This seems to confirm a lot of the symptoms you've been having.  But, does it explain all of them?  What about that numbness and shaking in your right leg?  I'm certainly not a doctor, but I wonder if there might be something else going on.  May be time for some more "straight talk" with your doctor.

Hang in there...


Are your scores +1.1 and +1.2 if so those are good scores and shows normal bone density.  Scores of -1.1 and -1.2 are only slightly lower than normal and show mild osteopenia.  These are not that bad.

Here is a simple guide to reading Dexa scan results

After reading the links provided as my first means of learning, I've discovered my brain might be loosing density too.   :o  I called my doctor's office because the results aren't on Webview yet. 

I only like to deal with 2 staff members there other than my doctor.  Tracy and Heather are goddesses.  So Heather was out of the office so I asked for nurse Tracy.  This other receptionist said that nurses don't take calls from patients.  I informed to yell around the corner and tell her Greg wanted to speak to her.  Quickly resolved as Tracy came on the line.

Even as an agnostic, I'll say God Bless her because she tried to explain the different numbers.  The ones I cited are apparently variances.  She was so patient and she asked if she could drop of copy of the results in the mail.  Guarantee that she did so immediately.   I saw my doctor for a different issue and he just happened to have rec'd the results that morning.  He gave me a general overview which obviously didn't stick in my short term memory.

I should receive it tomorrow and start studying.

Here are the actual results as I see them instead of trying to remember them.    :o

It's interesting that my doctor indicates they are starting to see a lot of LTS with these same issues.  He has one colleague who performs these tests on most of his patients with a large number showing similar results.

Now, time to start the actual research on the course of treatment.


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