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Approved, but screwed on SSDI, now what?

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After a very long, 3 yr battle with SSDI, I finally got a "partial approval" on 4/26/13, meaning that it wasn't until I switched my care from a county hospital to an Aids Medical Care Facility that SSDI deemed I was "disabled". My pleads for help at the county hospital went unwarranted, yet it wasn't until I changed my Primary Care Facility that they realized.."Yeah, you need some serious testing done". So I applied for my SSDI 1/2011, was denied twice, switched my care 11/2012.. and that's the date that Social Security deemed me "Absolutely Disabled".
  So, not only was I screwed on back pay, but with the standard 5 month waiting period, I get .. one month? Granted I got a decent amount of $1273 / mo, and I "STILL" haven't gotten any funds from them. I can appeal their decision, but I risk losing the current approval and starting from scratch... I don't have enough klonopin to help me through that decision..

  So, am I still eligible for food stamps because I'm disabled? I'm over the standard amount by $60.Any medicare assistance plans? I'm on 17 medications now, this would break me.

  I live in the country with my mother, who's not sympathetic at all and need to move to the city of Buffalo, so I can be close to my doctors and hospitals... as I no longer have a car....

I cannot find any info as to "when should I go off medicaid and get medicare?" My counselors are all over the board with info, but never anything specific. 

  My nerves are shot, I'm grasping and feel like I'm hanging on a string here  :'(

 I need a hug.. anyone?

Jeff G:
Here is your BIG HUG ! ... congratulations on getting what you need to survive.

If you qualify for medicaid you should be able to tap into that system until your full medicare benefits kick in with the medical part .  has all the information the need and the FAQ page is helpful too . 


--- Quote from: lookingforu on May 29, 2013, 10:46:47 AM ---"when should I go off medicaid and get medicare?"

--- End quote ---
medicaid and foodstamps are based upon an income requirement.

as soon as you report your monthly SSD award, you'll probably be dropped from SNAP and Medicaid. (when you're really poor though you get to keep medicaid and medicare). SS has insurance plans you can sign up for and also a prescription plan (part d) to help get meds.

Thanks Jeff, I needed that hug BIGTIME! And Leatherman, once again you are my redeemer! This bear thanks you SO much for your never ending assistance, you're ALWAYS so good to me buddy! :-)

Some of my clients who get over $1000/month on SSDI still qualify for disability Medicaid, or QMB Medicaid.  The benefit there being Medicaid pays the Medicare premium and they qualify for "extra help" with Part D.  I believe that may be a state by state thing, but I would check into it definitely.


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