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Thought I let you know what's going on...

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Hey all,...

I haven't been around much these past 4 months or so. So,... I thought I would give an update as to what is going on. Been pretty busy...

Lets see, Back in late February, I was told I would have to have a complete background check done, along with fingerprinting and picture ID taken.  This all happened because I was hired prior to 2004, so the company wanted to make sure I had no criminal background, felonies, child abuse, elderly abuse, drug abuse... You get the point. ( maybe I mentioned this before )  :P

This all goes through AHCA ( Florida agency for Heathcare Administration )

When you work in the healthcare industry, Florida requires this.  No problem with any of that !

Health wise, things are going as best as they can. ( more on that later)

Ed, on the other hand, has had some issues with squamous cell, and over a period of a month had 3 MOHS surgeries done on his face.

  Actually, one of them was on the inside of his right ear,( which was the difficult one) one on his nose, and one on the left side of his face just below the side-burn.

I am happy to report that all the squamous cell had been removed, and he healed up quite nicely.  Each one of these surgeries was between $700.00 and $1.000 a piece. He has insurance, so he met his deductible quite early.

Then he had some more health problems, the doctor believed, he was having a bad reaction to the Lipitor, and trilipix, that he takes.  Even though he's been on these medications for about 2 years, the doctor thought he was having a problem with his CPK levels.

So, he was ordered to stop those medications and take some more tests. After further testing, this (CPK) was not the case. All his blood tests came back OK ! After some further testing the doctor gave him a prescription for Meclizine. He was getting dizzy and light headed. The Meclizine, is doing it's job, and he's back to his old self again. The doctor still wants him off the Lipitor, and trilipix, for the time being. He will have some more tests in a couple months, to see how his lipids have changed.

For a while there, I was really getting concerned. But Ed is doing OK !

What else,...

I had to do my annual orientation and continuing education, So I had 20 courses I had to take, and pass. This was done online through Redilearning.

 These are courses, required of me to take, Since I work in the healthcare industry, even though I have no hands on with patients. So, even though I had until December 31st to complete these, I took my time, and completed all in 3 weeks. It was all common sense material, and I had no problem with any of the courses, or follow up tests, and earned myself 20 certificates. The courses were a bit more extensive and intensive, than the old classroom annual orientation.

We had a fellow employee that worked with us, for about 7 years, have a breakdown of sorts. It happened on my shift.

I reported it to HR, the previous day, that something wasn't right and that we didn't feel safe around him, and that he may do something drastic, to other employees. Well, I reported that on a Monday, and the following night,  (Tuesday) was when the trouble began.

He lost it and trashed the public restrooms, and then began threatening security, with lines like "There will be a surprise waiting for you when you do your outside rounds tonight"

At 5:00 in the morning he disappeared and no one knew where he was, But he had his two-way radio ( we all have these to communicate with nurses, CNA's, housekeeping and security, etc.

By the time administration showed up, he was communicating on the radio, " your time is limited"  It was freaky hearing that, and not knowing where he was in the building, or on the grounds.

At this point we were ordered into lock down, along with the nursing home ( we had no idea where he was, inside or outside the building ) ,  the sheriffs department came in full force, to take control of the situation.  He eventually drove off the property and they located him at his residence. I am not really sure what happened at that point. I know he wasn't arrested, but he may have been Baker acted.

So,... For about one week after that incident, the 6 of us that work the graveyard shift, had a armed Pinellas county sheriff with us from 10:00 pm until 7:00 AM, for protection, in case he returned.

Well, sure enough he did.  About 2 weeks later, he pulled into his parking spot, and proceeded to make his way to the front entrance. At that time, he noticed another co-worker coming into work and he turned around and walked in the other direction.

The Sheriffs dept, was called immediately, by security, and was there in about 2 minutes. A trespass warrant was issued at that point, and he was told ( again) not to step foot on the campus, or he would be arrested. His remark to the sheriff was " I've worked her for almost ten years , it's hard to let go" .  We know he has some serious mental issues, and I hope that he can get his life in order but,,,....

One night last week, he was seen driving past the work place at 12:30 AM, by another employee, while doing exterior round checks. Nothing could be done, as he wasn't on our property, but it makes you wonder, what he's planning. I mentioned to this employee, to make sure he documents this with his supervisor. The following morning, I mentioned the incident to my supervisor.

We're all keeping our eyes open. You just never know, if or when he will do something. Our building is secure.

Ok,, enough of that ! 

Had some blood tests done on April 29th, and I took a dive in my t-cell count. Went from 580 tcells (highest ever from December 24th,2012, ) down to 373 t-cell on 4/29/13. Percentage dropped from 16 to 15%..

Viral load remains <40

These were the labs from 12/24/12 :

CELLS.CD3+CD4+    580    cells/uL    490-1740    
   CELLS.CD3+CD4+/100 CELLS    16 Low    %    30-61    
   LYMPHOCYTES    3661    cells/uL    850-3900

These are the labs from 4/29/13:

CELLS.CD3+CD4+    373 Low    cells/uL    490-1740    
   CELLS.CD3+CD4+/100 CELLS    15 Low    %    30-61    
   LYMPHOCYTES    2521    cells/uL    850-3900

I'm not feeling bad, other than some sluggishness,( but I am over 61, I think I can be a little sluggish) but anyway, I had my appointment to discuss these labs, this morning @ 9:00, at the VA.

I already knew the questions I was going to ask , but the doctor was already answering my questions, before I had asked them. Ed looked over at me and grinned, because he knew the questions I was going to ask, so he thought it was pretty good that the doctor was right on top of things. I was only discussing these questions with Ed, 20 minutes before we got to the VA.  Ed wanted to know if I had some telepathy going on with the doc !

So I left the VA feeling good.  We're going back to 3 month testing ( instead of every 4 months ) I will go back in for labs sometime in July, and we'll see where I stand on those tests results. 

The talk of possibly adding/changing medication came up briefly, or possibly a new regimen, but "one day at a time". He said we"ll talk about this more after the results from the July labs.  I have no problem with changing meds if that's the case.

I reminded the doctor, that I've never been on protease inhibitors, and that since 2003, nothing has basically changed in my medication, except when I dropped Viread ( the 3rd nuke back then in 2009 of a 4 drug regemin)

My appetite is good, weight is good, no diahreah/constipation or any bowel or stomach issues going on.

Perhaps it was just a bad test, but I am not going to be concerned about it at his point.  I know the doctor is looking closely at this.

The doctor is also going to suggest to my primary, to go ahead and check my testosterone.

I have another appointment at the VA, tomorrow ( Wednesday) at 11:00 AM.  This is for the dermatologist. I also had a little keratosis on my right wrist, which will be frozen off .

And finally, My next labs ( from my primary ) will be on June 17th. This will be my metabolic panel. We'll see how my cholesterol and lipids are doing. I will follow up on those results on June 24th.

Er had a new roof put on the townhouse yesterday. They started @ 8:00 in the morning, and didn't stop until 6:00 PM. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep yesterday, and I still had to go into work on Monday night. So I was beat !

Good thing is, I am off of work until Sunday, So I have a little R&R.  I have about 196 hours of vacation time, and I plan on using most of that up before December.

I am still considering going to a 4 day work week, ( perhaps starting in July) until I retire in December. I am so ready for this!   8)

Sorry so long, just wanted to let you know what's going on.

Ray  8)

Good to hear from you. Just keep in mind, 4 long days may be too much for you. Since you are retiring at the end of the year, maybe you should stick with the 5 until then. Take care of yourself. Hugs to both of you, Deiby

Hey Ray,

Glad you and Ed are still hanging in there. That situation with the out of control coworker sounds scary.

I have another six years, at least, before I can retire. I would take a few weekend trips to use up the vacation time, were I you.

Those short trips can be fun!



Have  to  agree with  Mark  a few  long weekends  can be  great   try  something you wanted to  do  but didnt want to  commit  a weekend at  Branson  , everything from fun oldies  to  Zip line adventures there . lots of  inexpensive   condos  for  rent

Happy  to  hear  Ed  had  those issues  fixed.....


At least your organization is documenting all the weirdness.  I previously worked with a guy who had obvious issues.  I documented it was 3 different managers and always used the "when" not "if". 

Glad everything else is basically going ok,  now go have some fun.



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