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Tested + 2months ago, on meds for a month and the results are in...

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Thanks so much for your upbeat post. I've myself just got my first lab results after being tested positive (CD4 302 and VL 44,000). Not the kind of Christmas present I was hoping for. But that's how it is; I am now looking forward to starting my meds as soon as possible.

Just wanted to say posts like yours, and so many other great people here, make it easier for me and I'm thankful.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thanks for the update, London! Sounds like you're doing really well.

Regarding study participation, definitely go for it. Let your doctor know you're interested in being a study subject and have him or her note it down in your files. They love it when a patient is pro-active about being a guinea pig. ;D

The clinic I go to in Liverpool is in a teaching and research hospital (associated with the University of Liverpool) and I'm asked to take part in studies on a regular basis. It usually only involves a one-off vial of blood (taken with the usual draw), but last time I was there I was asked to participate in a study that will have them taking five extra vials at every appointment for the next two years. Yes, please!

Have a great holiday season! :)


Great story, London!:)

I really feel like mine is pretty similar...diagnosed last month after a bad 2-weeks cold with a rash and lynphonodes swelling, after some "internet studies" I got convinced that an early start of therapy is needed, both for not making me at risk of trasmitting hiv and for a psychological stuff: I wanna know I'm doing something to fight this fucking unwanted host.

I had a very bad 2 first weeks and the most awful Xmas and NYE of my life, I must confess I'v also been thinking very bad things that everybody can guess.

A first doctor told me "don't worry, just try to relax, let's take your blood to see cd4 and VL, close your mind doors about it for a while and wait for results".
Actually this sucked a lot for me. I read that last researches show the importance of an early therapy especially in acute patients, and every day passing by I was going toward a recent infection other than acute, which changes several things: virus colonising all my body and reservoirs, destructing my gut immune system and me doing nothing but waiting...!!!

Well after another research on the net, helped by a local chat friend found by chance, I discovered that in my hospital there's a very scientifically active doctor who does clinical studies for early therapy in the acute phase: I made it to have an appointment and ...the day after I started haart!

Put in a clinical study with many blood samples and a pretty tough therapy (prezista, norvir, isentress, truvada), my VL values in 2 weeks are precipitating and cd4 going up (<500000 to 4000 and 620 to 920). I'm much better with myself, felling that I'm fighting, no acute side effects of the drugs and...thanks to the research and to up-to-date doctors!!)

I'm only concerned about the fact that I should have started 1 month before if only the first doctor would have been the right one.

guys: if you have symptoms and are early diagnosed, look for an early start of therapy, or at least talk with a good id doctor of all the good and bad sides of that, so you cah choose, but before doing that you must know what's in the air in the last researches, every year, every month, there are amazing updates

Thank you for sharing, London...My story is very similar having been diagnosed in Sept 2013...At the beginning, my head was spinning and I had no footing and my life felt very empty, without meaning. I threw myself into my job and basically didn't want to think about 'it'. Things have improved and after 2 months in Stribild, my VL had dropped to 26 and my cd4 to 290. I am more at easy... But don't get me wrong, I am still very scared, terrible scared of the infection, the medication and the road ahead! But I have a terrific doctor and her staff is best! The care I have received from them rivals none!!! Reading stories like yours (and others kind enough to share!), relieves some of the anxiety, fear and apprehension. I really haven't been sick at all. I lost significant amount of weight and doctor couldn't find problem. I don't fit the profile! It was an application for life insurance what revealed it and probably saved my life!! Reading other positive posts allows me to feel better. I have been reading these posts since that ugly, obscure and terrifying day, but never had the balls to post anything...But slowly, I am adjusting as I understand that meds have advanced tremendously and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Ann, I will ask my doc for study participation! And yes, life goes on! And HIV doesn't have to be the center...However it is tough not to make it your center...God bless all of us and specially science...God give her intelligence and knowledge so a cure can be found! And that is something new on me...I have become a church going individual!!!

Hi Joseph, welcome to the forums.

--- Quote from: JosephP on February 02, 2014, 07:49:17 PM ---
Thanks to Ann, I will ask my doc for study participation!

--- End quote ---

That's great to hear! We owe it to ourselves, and also to the memory of all those who went before us (some living, some sadly no longer with us) and participated in the studies that got us where we are today. Without studies and willing participants we would still be in a very bad place indeed. Participating in studies will help us get to an even better place and hopefully someday, a cure.

You're right, life does go on and it does get better too. Hang in there, you're doing great so far. Onwards and upwards!



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