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You are my hero


Hi all

I knew this web 3 months ago when I was really afraid of exposure by HIV.
First I only read forum about am I infected?  From this forum I got a lot of information, and I knew that I had zero risk HIV since I always use condom for penetration.
And then I started to read more about other forum like just tested poz, living with poz, and others.
I'm really ashame with my self when I read all the posting.  I'm healthy but you guys have more better spirit to fight in life rather than my self.  I always complaining about small problem that happened to me. If I compare my problem with your problem, mine is just nothing.
You guys seem happier, and know the purpose of this life rather than me.
I learn a lot from you guys, I learn how to thankfull for what God has given for me.
I just want to say thank you everything. ...keep fighting and you guys are my hero.

youhero, thank you and you're welcome as well.

However, I am moving your thread out of the Living With forum to the Someone I Care About forum as that is the most appropriate place for it.

Hiv negative people who post here are restricted to posting in three forums - Am I Infected?, Off Topic and Someone I Care About. All the other forums are meant for hiv positive people only

Because you're not asking questions about hiv transmission or testing, and because your topic has to do with hiv (Off Topic is only for subjects that have nothing to do with hiv), Someone I Care About forum seems to be the only place for it.

Again, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you've learned more about hiv while reading these forums. After all, that's what we're here for.


Hi youhero! I am not infected as well but my best friend has it. I am close with her so i was also wondering before if i was infected. But after my tests, i was reassured. I was happy for myself but sad with the situation of my friend. I want to help her with all i can. That's why i am here on this forum to be able to understand her pain and sufferings.


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