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Hi All Anyone on Paxil?


Hi all, I had posted a thread a few months back inquiring about people's experiences on Zoloft..I tried Zoloft for awhile, was put on it not for depression, but for my anxiety issues. It helped somewhat, but it seemed to cause more problems than it solved.

So now I am about to start taking Paroxetine (Paxil) CR 37.5 mg. My doc feels it would be a better fit for me since the Zoloft seemed to make my anxiety/jitters worse, and made me have insomnia.

Anyone else try Paxil? Or can offer some encouraging words? I am going to be starting it next week. My doc told me it is more suited to treat anxiety than depression, than some of the other meds, and since I do not have depression, I am going to give it a try. I also take a beta blocker for intensive social situations, for my anxiety, and it really helps! Thanks for any input.

Have you thought about switching off Atripla - which contains Sustiva. Sustiva is well-known to cause both depression and anxiety - and insomnia as well. There are combos you can take that don't include Sustiva.

I suggest you read The Sustiva/Atripla Thread in its entirety and give some serious thought to a switch. Just because a combo is keeping your VL UD doesn't mean it ain't broke and doesn't need fixing.


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