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???  So what's up with the veiny legs?  I've always had muscular legs, probably mostly genetics.  My niece use to tell me I had Popeye legs :) I've been HIV+ for 16 years and it hasn't been until this past year with 100% adherence to my medicines that I've noticed my legs are more veiny than ever before.  I've had friends complain about their legs in the past but I really never noticed it myself.  Is this of General side effect from HIV or side effect from a certain type of medicine?

Hope you all have a great day!

i dont think anyone knows what causes it. I first got it while on a crix trial in mid 90s. Still veiny but not nearly as bad. there was rumor going around that I had aids. pretty funny.

I got mine from a crixivan trial, too.
I switched to another protease inhibitor because of it, but it didn't help.
It wasn't until Sustiva came along that the lipidystrophy stopped progressing.
I don't have experience with the meds you are on, so I can't really say.
Veiny legs are also not an uncommon condition associated with aging.

Well, Here is the way it was explained to me.

Many of us that are on PIs, and have had "fat redistribution", have experienced the "chicken Leg" look that comes from the fat in your legs, migrating to elsewhere in your body.  I have a lump of fat on my back, chest, and a general "plumping up" of  my chest area.  My doctor explained that the large veins that are produced as we grow up and work our leg muscles into powerful tools, the blood flow is necessary for the work that we force on the legs.  He asked me about my past, and after I told him that I was in cross country track in HIgh School at 7000 ft., worked in a job that required a huge amount of walking, and then went into furniture moving for a time; he noted that the loss of fat has simply exposed what has always been there.  He noted without any explanation at first, that I must have been very strong at some point in my life, as my veins were abnormally large and strong.  After my explanation, he smiled, and said, "I told you so".

I hope this helps in some way. 

In Love and Support.

Hi Jeff,

I don't know the answer either but this is my experience. When I left Los Angeles, I was diagnosed as AIDS and was running every day for two miles.  My legs started at my feet and went up to my sholder blades and were flawless.  I was taking Sustiva and Ziagen and another medication I can't remember because there have been so many in 10 years.  This month is my 10 year anniversary of AIDS.

Now with PN, Lypo and age, I too have veiny legs and I can not run any miles on any day.  Yesterday, I was walking down the street and fell, landed face down on a busy sidewalk, I have major scab action on both legs and my arms today.  I was in the mountains a few nights ago, went to help a damsel in distress because she could not open a private gate to get back into town.  I left my bonfire and friends, took the keys to open the gate and fell three times doing down the trail.

I don't know if it is lypo, pn, age or just plain clumsy.  I don't wear shorts in public, carry a first aid kit and try to cover myself when I fall.  Have the best day


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