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I am an 37 j old male from Belgium (don't speak English very good so i hope you will understand what I'm writing).
I am single and sometimes i visit prostitutes. The only thing they perform on me is oral without condom (sometimes till i ejaculate).
I'm sure to have cath HIV from oral receptive.
Ten months ago i had a sore throat, fever for 23 days (highest 38,4%), and sinds that period, i have never been healthy, i had muscles paines for 3 month, very tired,i lost 7 kg, and now sinds 6 months i have painful and lightly swollen lymph nodes (under the arms and between the legs).
I am now living for ten months in constant stress, i search the net for weeks and i can't function normally.
The only thing i can think off is hiv, from the moment i wake up until I'm going to sleep.
Sometimes i hope never to wake up again in the morning.



Andy Velez:
In the entire history of the HIV epidemic there has never been a documented case of HIV transmission from a guy getting a blowjob. And you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

What you need to do is see your doctor and discuss the physical things you are concerned about. Nothing you are describing is in anyway suggestive of HIV infection. But then symptoms are never the way to know about your HIV status. If you had a real risk, which you didn't, then testing at 13 weeks after the most recent incident would be the way to know your status accurately.

There are other STDs out there and they are much easier to catch than HIV. For anyone who's sexually active it is good idea to regularly have a full STD panel done. That means at least once a year and every six months is even better.

Whatever is going on with you has nothing to do with HIV. Stop diagnosing yourself. That's bad for your health.

This is not an HIV situation. Period.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I've cherched the entire net for STD's and diseases with swollen lymph nodes for many months and i always came out "HIV".
I became ill in december 05 with fever (38,4) and throath infection, for about 3 days. Swollen lymph nodes came in juin 06 untill now.
I have no family and almost no real friends. I'm scared to death.


Seek the attention of your doctor.

Dear Ann,

Can you please help me and give my mind some rest?
I'm too afraid to go to the doctor. its now ten months that i dont feel well. i've lost a lot of weight and i'm still having painfully nodes under arm and between legs. When i wake up, i have no energy to stand up.
I don't understand, i have had only oral sex with girls (they doing oral on me).
I've called the HIV line in Belgium and they told me that oral is indeed a risk. Now i'm even more confused.



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