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Looking for photos!


In past years I have lost several friends to the Aids virus and want to honor them with a patch on the Aids Memorial Quilt but I would like to acquire photos of them so I can add them to the patch for a more personal touch! They are-->
Michael Lyles 1962-1995 Atlanta
Louis DeVito 1968-1992 Atlanta and Loganville
Michael Jenkins (No Dates yet) Atlanta Died in the 1990's Live on Argonne Ave Behind the Eagle Tavern!
Any help is appreciated!
Thank you and God Bless and let's pray the day will come Aids is no more!

All of the above are from Georgia!

Hi Duke, welcome to the forums.

Your thread probably won't get much attention in this particular forum, but before I move it to a higher traffic forum for you, I need to know something. Are you hiv positive or hiv negative?

If the former, I (or another moderator) will move it to the Living forum. If the latter, it will be move it to the Someone I Care About forum. Either forum will garner more attention for your request.


I am Poz and have been since 1999! The friends I lives and I were all close and I am the only one left now and in great health! You can move my message if you want to just let me know where you put it so I can follow it!
Thank you and God Bless

Jeff G:
Hi Duke ... Im moving your thread into the Living With HIV forum so it will get more views . You can always find your threads by going to your profile and selecting show own post .

Your a good friend and I could only hope to be remembered and honored the way you are doing with your friends .


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