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Kaitlyn Hunt, gay Fla. teen charged for underage girlfriend

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I read an article about this yesterday (sorry, don't have the link) where it was made clear that this relationship started when the older young woman was under 18.

The article also included a quote from one of the younger woman's family members that the parents believed the older one "turned their daughter gay". So it ultimately stems from the belief that people can be "turned gay". As if. As if the "pray away the gay" type religious programs are so successful.

This absolutely sucks and the parents of the younger woman should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I feel so very, very sorry for both young women involved.



I'd love to be an attorney and have this case.
First of all, the affair started when both were under age.
Both were willing parties.
No doubt both are gay.
Knowing you have gay tendencies at the age of 14 is not unusual.
There are so many argumental points to be made.
At what age does one know they are gay?
Is it legal for two teens, both under 18, to have relationship?
I could go on and on.

Then you bring in the idea of so many people, married couples, claiming they were high school sweethearts.
Can this be turned into some crime come later years?

Has or can parents follow legal challenges when two kids, teens under 18, start up a relationship?

This case could easily get it tossed out. I have no question on that.
And convincing any jury that this is an inappropriate case in the first place, a "set-up" if you will, would be more than easy to make as a case.

I hope this goes to trial.
I guarantee the parents pulling this little stunt will be sorely sorry and humiliated in the end, as well as losing the love and trust of their gay child.

And the 18 year old, hopefully, will not make any "deal", because she can come out of this squeaky clean. Why risk or accept the burden of a cloud hanging over her head, for making a plea deal?
Both girls can easily walk away from this unscathed.

And the parents being exposed for what they truly are, but to me exposing the parents doesn't really matter. Not the goal here.
Its still not a crime to be a bad parent, have bad judgment, or bigoted tendencies.

Jeff G:
I agree this case is one that should not be but disagree with the notion that this as a easily defended case , its far from it . The way the law is written the 18 year old is now caught up in the system that doesn't take anything into consideration except for the law as its written ... and she is clearly on the wrong side of the law on this and in danger of having to carry the label of pedophile with her for the rest of her life if she doesn't cop a plea to lessor offense . She is not in a position of having the upper hand in this matter .   

randym431, I agree with with Jeff.  You make arguments we feel are true and/or wish to be true.  But the law is the law.  Don't forget there are people in jail on HIV transmission and/or disclosure laws, who never put anyone at risk.  1 in 3 black men can expect to go to prison in the USA in their lifetime....  It aint a pretty picture.  Haters gonna hate and if they have a law on their side to twist the knife, they use it. Even without laws, there is "God"...

Hello - does anyone know exactly WHAT the law is in Florida? I know from college that the law in Pennsylvania is that "the parties may be no more than 4 years apart". That is whether one is of age (over 18) or not. The 18 yr old males in my class were very interested in whether they could date a 16 or 17 year old girl!!!!!!

So, is she in trouble because she had reached her majority? What is the Florida law and how was it broken?



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