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Kaitlyn Hunt, gay Fla. teen charged for underage girlfriend

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She has been arrested again, and the plea offer has been withdrawn.  Allegedly, she sent 50,000 text messages to the other teen, as well as explicit pics, when she was ordered to not have any contact. 

I get true love and all that, but her alleged actions make me wonder whether she doesn't care, or has a mental issue.  Texting her would be the last thing I would do, even when I was 18.  She is 19 now.  And, if true, sending explicit pics would not be an option.  I would know her parents were monitoring her texts, and that I was leaving a trail of evidence.  Perhaps, she is willing to do anything for love.

I know the law is messed up.  A 23 year-old could have sex with a 16 year-old there, but a senior is violating the law, by having sex with a freshman.  There should be laws protecting students, who are in the same school, or within 4 years of age.  And, we are schizophrenic about what an adult is.  18 is an adult and you can die in war, but you're not mentally ready to drink alcohol, or rent a car.  You can't go to a casino, until you're 21.  Even the word eightTEEN makes you feel that you are still basically a kid.  So, maybe the age you're an adult needs changed to 21.  We send mixed messages.


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