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The worst part of having a pet......

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Oh Mike, I'm so sorry.  Having pets is wonderful, until it comes time to say good-bye.  I have a kitty myself that has pulled me through many hard days; she's my side kick. 

Peace to you and your partner, knowing that you'll be giving Charlie peace. 

I am sorry Charlie is in bad health, and you have to make this decision.  I always hope I will never have to make this decision.  My dog of 16 years luckily went very quickly one night.  I always hope they will just get old and die in their sleep. 

I wish you all the best through this difficult time.

so sorry to hear this news. This decision is always a hard one; but a neccesary, loving and caring one to make.
hugs and love to y'all.
 :-* :'( :-* :'(

It is always so hard to do that. You have my deepest condolences. Your cat was well and truly loved, and you are doing the best possible thing by sparing Charlie from pain and suffering. I hope that we each have such an angel, when our times grow short.

So sorry to read this.  I absolutely understand your heartbreak and how terrible the final decision is.  Even though you know it's the right thing to do, it doesn't lessen the pain.

Sending you positive energy. 



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