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The worst part of having a pet......

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My dog's name is Joshua and He's a Sheppard & Rottweiler mix and a month ago my building was sold and the new owners gave me an ultimatum which was keep my apartment and get rid of my dog of 6yrs or move.  Getting rid of my dog was never an option so I moved into a new building surrounded by pet owners and who would have taught Joshua would have found a girlfriend but he and I had a long talk nose to snout and I told him No puppies he looked at me rolled his eyes and walked away.  One of the things I love about my dog is stubbornness and He's sneaky but when having a bad day will lay his head on my lap. As he goes up in age my biggest fear is death because everyone knows pets don't live forever.  As a pet owner I've already lost two rabbit's Babb's & bugs and since their passing I refused to adopt another bunny.  My friends ask if anything were to happen to Joshua if I could open up my heart to another dog and I can honestly say I doubt it but with millions of dogs living in shelters in search of love I might consider it but in the mean time I will continue to spoil him. I wish I could get him to walk properly on a leash because he is a determined puller.  I should also add that I have two sets of gerbils & fishes and I'm planning to adopt 3 guinea pigs and 2 birds and may get Joshua a buddy for Christmas.

What a gorgeous cat.  Just reading your posts, Mike, made me tear up.  I am so, so sorry about your pain and can definitely tell Charlie was well loved and well cared for.  I will definitely give my kitty an extra hug.  :'(


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