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The worst part of having a pet......

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So sorry to hear this. I know how much it hurts. My own cats, past, present and (most likely) future have always meant the world to me. Vester, Fred and Monster send their condolences as well.

Ann, Vester, Fred and Monster
xxx and kitty-rubs

Im so very sorry to hear the sad news about Charlie.He has been blessed to have such a long life.Pets really are one of the family

Our cat had to be put to sleep at the age of 21 yrs.

((((Thinking of you)))))))))


Oh sweety I'm sorry :'(

Losing a pet is never ever easy. Ever. and having to put one down is even worse. I feel for you. But you are showing Charlie the greatest love by recognizing his pain and helping him make the transition.

and always remember, Charlie will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge


Thank you all.  Tonight Charlie slept on my lap for a couple of hours - he really does seem to be "winding down" faster now.  He still came and woke me up this morning for breakfast, but didn't eat that much.

I have to go to work tomorrow to lead a half-day session, but I am coming home right after to spend a couple of hours with him -- I'll let him lay on my lap and I'll just pet him and love him a little while longer.  It is going to be a tough afternoon!!

I know I'm doing the right thing, but there isn't a fucking thing easy about it.

Again -- thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.


=( So sorry to read all of this Mike.


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