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The worst part of having a pet......

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The worst part of having a pet is when you have to make a decision to say goodbye.

Today I made an appt. for our cat, Charlie -- this will be his final visit to the vet.  He is 15 years old, has early kidney disease, early heart failure, has lost more than a third of his weight since last Aug (when he spent 3 days in ICU for Congestive Heart Failure), doesn't seem to want much food and has begun urinating all around the house.

This little guy (pure black, short-haired domestic cat) came into our lives just about 8 years ago.  5 weeks after we got him, I was diagnosed poz and that day as I sat crying about it, he came and curled up on my lap and just looked up at me.  He sat there purring and nuzzling my hand for scratches-- he so helped me pull myself together to talk with Sid that day.

He's always been more "dog" than cat.  He comes when called (most of the time).  Greets us with enthusiastic, and non-stop meows.  He rolls around and drools while we pet him.  Any night that I am watching TV he is curled up on my lap, sleeping.

Hi appointment is Friday at 5:30 -- I can't tell you how much I am going to miss him -- there is going to be such a large hole in our house.  I know I'm doing the right thing for him though -- and I will be with him, petting him and talking to him right up to the end. 

My heart is breaking though.....  I hate this part!!!   :'(  :'(  :'(


I'm so sorry you're having to go through this.  Please remember the many years of joy Charlie gave you (and you to him!)

Jeff G:
Mike , Im so sorry to hear you are having to go through this . I am a pet person so I'm no stranger to what you are having to do , so with that my heart goes out to you . Hugs .

Oh Mike I'm so sorry.

I know how hard this will be on you, but I also know you will do what's right for Charlie, he is relying on you to stop his pain and suffering, as animal owners and lovers it's a part of life we dread, but know that one day we will all have to make that same decision. 

Sending hugs to you and Sid.

Aroha and in sadness
Jan :'(

Hey Mike,
Had to go through the same last year with our 15 year old dog. The bond between us humans and our animal pals is what makes times like this so difficult.
My heart goes out to you and Sid. :'(


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