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So here is my first lab result

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--- Quote from: leatherman on May 22, 2013, 08:09:25 PM ---he "believes" it because that's the science - the facts, the stats, the truth - of it. ;)

see that little chart, in my signature line below, that shows the graph my VL and cd4 counts?  here it is a little bigger.

Pay attention to the green line (especially after 2004 when I finally got on the right meds that did the trick). See how the trend has been upward?  :D (I should update this graph as a Feb 2013 count of 430 makes the green line go even higher to reach my highest cd4 count in 20 yrs of meds) Notice how the green line isn't steady, but jagged with dips? If I worried about each one-time count I'd probably go crazy. LOL but the trend clearly shows that since 2004 to 2013, my tcells have steadily been improving and are continuing to climb - even if there have been some dips in the road.
I look forward to your updates Elk ;)

--- End quote ---

I do understand the the VR being UD is the more important thing here.  Last month my VR was 84 so I'm hoping that my VR will be UD this time around.  I feel good, I have energy and I have not been sick for almost a year.  Thanks for your feedback


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