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Apologies if my attempts at commiseration were misconstrued.


--- Quote from: jkinatl2 on May 21, 2013, 03:31:48 AM ---Apologies if my attempts at commiseration were misconstrued.

--- End quote ---

Didn't intend to negate your contribution. Sorry. This topic just seems to get me going since I have been struggling with trying to get it to clear for a couple years now.   There have been about a dozen threads on here about dysplasia and it seems that in every one someone posts about anal warts and after awhile you just want to yell "we are not talking about warts!!!." 

Anyway.  Not to derail.  To the op.  Dont worry, in most cases the dysplasia never progresses to cancer and with treatment it can be cleared.  Sometimes it just takes longer or trying more than one option.

I am concerned though about your referral to a surgeon immediately.  Are they going to try treatment first or are they going straight to surgery?   There are less invasive treatments such as the IRC and the many topical treatments.

You may also want to consider the HPV vaccine,  its not approved for treatment so it would be prescribed off label.  My doctor prescribed it for me when I was diagnosed with the AIN3, just a thought.

Thanks to all for the info. I go to see the surgen on the 29th so we'll see what she proposes. My dysplasia was actually found in an anal wart :-[  so they might as well be the same for me.  ;D

I'm not 100% sure of the technical diagnosis, (AIN 1,2,3 or whatever) Nor have I had a conversation about prognosis. That's on my list to ask about next week along with asking about the vaccine.

Today I went to the see the surgeon and she gave me a more complete information. Turns out what I have has been classified as AIN 3. Also my particular version of HPV is in the category of the more aggressive varieties. So it's an HRA in a month to cut out those bad cells away. Going to my ID Dr next month to have a fresh set of labs done before then. Seems like it will be pretty easy. One day, plenty of pain meds, and a few days off work and should be all.

I'm pretty happy with the aggressive treatment plan. The surgery plan is somewhat controversial but my DR's feel that it is better to get it quickly. (Still sounds like rotor rooter to me.)

I'm not sure how I feel about this overall. It's my first real health issue since test poz, even though as health issues go it isn't huge. It's huge enough for me. I knew this day would come, and now it has. Feeling a little nervous, and unsure. beyond that I'm not sure what.

Sorry to hear about the AIN3 results.  Don't worry though its pretty common.  I just had another HRA yesterday.  Very simple procedure.

I am curious though, are they really doing surgery as your first treatment?  You may want a second opinion.  IRC (Infrared Coagulation) is simple and painless and zaps away the area affected with zero side effects.  Not to mention there are topical creams/ointments and acid treatments they can use.  Seems a bit drastic to start with surgery.  I've been treated for for over two years for the same thing and we haven't even discussed surgery yet. 


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