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Found someone special! Advice Please from Magnetic Gay Couples

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Great to read all the advise, I too am bottom in the relationship and my partner decided to stay with me. Looks like he knew about HIV more than I did. Since finding out, I've been stressed out about possible transmission. We've been together for over 5 years now and have not been using condoms. We only had sex once since conversion as I fell ill week after conversion and did not think about trying it once diagnosed. My partner tested negative though he'll need to have another test tobe sure. I too hope to get UD very soon, though With my VL so high I doubt that I will be UD at my next appointment - being after 9 weeks since starting meds.

Good luck with the relationship and I too would suggest to get all the Tests done before you start having anal sex.

I've been with my boyfriend for more than a year and a half. I met him through a dating website, we got along right away while going on our first date, and I told him that evening I am HIV+. And he took it very well and was ready to get more informed from what he already knew (the usual stuff).

We use condoms for anal sex all the time (and lube, very important!) ;) He's mostly top, but I do it too from time to time. The condom broke once while he was topping ; he realized it right away (you can't really miss that unless you're high on something...) and we simply put on another one, without loosing our boners... :P

Beside that, we have that usual couple life together, do activities, work, study, and so on. Everything is great. Don't let HIV freak you out to the point you wouldn't allow yourself to find your lover. It will happen. :)


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