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When the tooth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies

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--- Quote from: LongTimeSurvivor on May 20, 2013, 09:05:20 PM ---Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice'll put 10lbs on in two months...of course, you have to eat a quart each day...I know, I did!!! But that was after my Egrifta crash and burn when I quit taking it. Talk about PYSCHO!!!

Anyway, at least it's a tasty way to gain weight.

--- End quote ---

I once worked in a Jazz club in Long Beach, around the corner was the Haagen Daz Theater.  The story teller sat in a chair on the second level, ate Haagen Daz as he told his story and the actors were hidden within the audience.  When his pint of ice cream was finished, the show was over.  I didn't go often   8)  Have the best day

I have added some blender drinks of soy protein and whey protein and the bathroom scale shows a 2 lb increase.  I used to have big teeth like Julia Roberts but I bought Susan Sarandon's mouth and I am finding the voice does not project as it once did.

I am going to wear my teeth today and read out loud to learn how to better enunciate.  What am I reading today?   I am so very glad you asked, I have a leather bound collection edition of Gullivers Travels.   8)  Have the best day

Its good to know you are keeping up with things. Best wishes.


Hi Joel,

I'm sorry I missed you, I don't come around here much any more.  Have the best day
(Who found out a person might never eat corn on the cob again after oral surgery)


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