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Well, got my lab results in preparation for mid-year follow up with doctor next week.

>>Viral load still undetectable
>>CD4/% 697/33%
>>LDL 84
>>Glucose 132 (after light breakfast)

Have a few flags for other labs that are slightly above or below reference ranges:

>>MCV 100 (top range is 97)
>>MCH 33.2 (top range is 33.0)
>>Neutrophils 1.7 (bottom range is 1.8 )

Physically I feel excellent.  I am also 4 months away from my 60th birthday and will let my mind go wild with anticipation for the historic event. :D  I will also start to use my cultural Haitian/Jewish telepathic skills and send nag/noodge first phase suggestions to my son and the rest of the family.;D

MCV has tendency to increase with meds and a value over the 'usual' range is actually a positive sign of good adherence to meds. mine is 105...

Happy birthday (in advance)


Had visit with doctor and he said that I am doing quite well.  He is pleased with my lab results. He also said that I looked good physically too (how sweet.  :) )

And Eric, you are correct.  The doctor noted that my labs speak to excellent adherence to taking my meds--which is true.  Also, thank you for the advance birthday wish. :D

Glad to hear your doc says you're doing great. 

Good news, congratulations!


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