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taking a BLS class


I am going to take a BLS class and learn CPR while I am there. I was wondering if I need to tell anyone of my being HIV positive. I keep myself in good shape and my lips aren't cut or chapped so I was just planning on going last.
 Should I be concerned?

idee, kissing is really not much different to kissing - and kissing is absolutely NOT a risk for hiv infection, regardless of cuts or chapped lips or whatever else may be going on in your mouth.

Now days most CPR classes advocate the use of plastic barrier with an in-built tube for giving MtM - but that's there as much for your protection as theirs. It's just another aspect of Universal Precautions, which you should also be learning about along the way during your studies.

Universal precautions are there to protect both the patient and the health care provider, not only from hiv, but also all the other transmissible pathogens out there - including but not limited to such mundane things as the common cold.

Hope you enjoy your class!


Hi idee

 I agree with Ann 100% open mouth to mouth with out barriers do not put you or the patient at risk.

Your class instructor should be showing you all how to use a CPR mask during  resuscitation procedures, these are used in emergency situations to supply oxygen to the heart and lungs, these of course are mostly used in hospital/clinic situations and basically it just helps stops any cross infection's and of course are easier to use and more efficient in those situations.

Obviously we don't carry these around with us, but what I keep in my purse are gauze squares, and these work well, I had an occasion to try them out a few months ago, it's just a healthier and cleaner way to perform CPR outside of an emergency room, some patients will vomit when they are brought back, so it works well as a barrier for you.


Thanks. I thought there wasn't much of a risk, but my therapist said something about me going last or telling the staff what I have HIV. Other than that I just live normally in my life and it really never comes up, unless I am at the doctors.

Your therapist is an idiot, you don't have togo last or tell them anything if you don't want to, and if they are teaching you open mouth to mouth then you have to insist that they clean the resus dummy after every practice, not because of you but because of everyday hygiene, it goes without saying



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