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vitamine d deficiency

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Hi , Any other long timers have vitamine d deficiency.started taking prescription supplement after my last labs,everything else remains stable,except lipo issues. 58 years young,20 years poz.

Miss Philicia:
Last time mine was run it was a couple numbers below normal but my doctor didn't label it as a "deficiency". What are your numbers?

Anyway, I've already been on vitamin D/calcium daily supplementation for the previous five years simply as a precaution.

Hi, T cells upper 400s ,viral load neg many years now (since PIs)don't remember the # on vitamine D test,but am placed on vit d2 1.25 mg( 50,000 unit )x 2 doses weekly for 9 weeks,so was low.

My ID Doc from the last care facility recommended I take Vitamin D-3 so I have for years.  I am old and scrawny, have PN, Osteopenia and Restless Leg Syndrome and I fall frequently.  When Dr. advised the Vitamin D-3, I remarked that I drank milk and drove a convertible so how could I have a shortage of Vitamin D?

UCSF provides a "MyChart" service which allow the provider and the patient to review lab results, my last draw was a big one, I saw the results and later talked with my ID Doc about them and will continue to take the Vitamin D-3.   8)  Have the best day


Hi Bub,..

I had vit D deficiency back in mid 2009.  At that time the doctor placed me on prescription 50,000iu of Vitamin D.  You may have to do a search to find out how I was taking it back the, I'll try looking for the thread. By the way i am a couple years older than you. ( 61)

Found it: ( hope this helps you out )

After I finished that prescription, I didn't need it again.  I was just tested for VIT D on the 29th of April, and those results are now becoming available on line to me right now. I am not sure if all results are in yet.

Results ( so Far) from tests on April 29th, 2013

CALCIFEROL    < 8    pg/mL       
CALCITRIOL    37    pg/mL    18-72    

CALCIDIOL    < 4    ng/mL    Not established    
CALCIDIOL    32    ng/mL    Not established    
CALCIDIOL    32    ng/mL    30-100



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