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tested pozitive, hurt and confused

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 Trees seemed a little greener, flowers needed to be smelled, and people needed to know how your felt (regardless of if they were good feelings or bad feelings)  I guess the feelings arise with this diagnosis because of all the stigmas around HIV.  I know that when I was diagnosed, I felt like I was facing my mortality.  This virus does not have to be fatal anymore.

 :D  I personaly think testing positive gives you these "positive" view of life.  Hang on in there buddy.  Might help to know that I live in Lesotho, next door, and smelling the flowers better and seeing the trees better!  You also must count your blessings mate, South Africa is a world class country and their cares system is aparently much better than most African states.... so chill bro!

hey guys, thanks for the reply's, sorry its been a month and half since my post.

hey life2, regarding my meds, i am happy to be on Atripla right now, guess it was everything i was reading about that made me worry, but i have had not one side affect from it and happy, i been taking it ever night with no dreams or any form of the side affects people have said to have, there has been times when i have missed taking it at night and ill just wake up and take it the next morning. about my health care, my medical aid pays for everything.

hey scooterdooder, Souledout and exeejoe....
thanks for your kind sweet reply's kind of took some time but im much happier, with things, and im going on with my life as is enjoying ever moment of it as best i can, ture to that point about everything in life seems to be more amazing some times.

scooterdooder, thanks for your reply, your store seems to be so on tie with mying, and gave me a tear. i know the feeling and thx dude sweet of you. i am happy to say i have good family support in my uncle who i stay with hes kind of been my rock now regarding keeping me health and active and force me not to sit and play play station all weekend but go out, other wise my mom and dad. are never going to know, mom is way to Afrikaans and still has not accepted me being gay and my dad is arib (lebanese) so no they wont know or want to know lol. i am happy to hear you undetectable after a year, im looking at that as my goal now, have few more weeks and ill do my first 3month test to see how the drugs are helping.



--- Quote from: neuro26 on May 13, 2013, 04:41:42 PM --- he was the first person i told coz i was worried that since we been having unprotected sex i might have infected him, i loved him and did not want him to hate me, he said he cant date me and we broke up lol again..

--- End quote ---
Hi welcome to the forum.
Sorry for the diagnosis.
Great that you have fast and good and complete health attention.

About the sentence above. You did the right thing telling your now ex right away. I can't say I have much respect for him, breaking up with you.  HIV has a way of weeding out the assholes.  This was not an "lol" situation.  ON top of a diagnosis, you got dumped.  Then he had the nerve to tell you how to manage your infection...   

I'm glad to hear you are doing well and finding the support that you need.  No need for the moment to rock the boat with some family members who will only upset you.  All things can be dealt with in due time... When you are ready... Or when you need it. 


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