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Hopefully coming to the end off so far 4 days off bone pain, toxic sludge in bone marrow is my most accurate description. Its not new but have not had episode like this for a long while.

Slept most off today though the amount off Pain killers I have taken might have something to do with that,

what I am also struggling with is the thought that now I  have out lived my Parents I will get ill and die , like in the next year.

It was Major impetus to me when diagnosed  that I,d outlive Parents.

Am aware off the magical, tosh thinking but I do have a great record for getting ill after completion off something that should off been the beginning off exciting opportunities but instead lead to big time illness.

Plus I am in a foul mood, its a wonder I  have a tongue I,m biting it so often, and theres a waiter who is in therapy after my performance last Tuesday.

The W/E with friends was a w/e in there spare bed room.
ERGGGGGGGGGGGGG I really am in a fucking fowl mood.

Hi Michael,

I hope you're feeling better today. :-*  Sometimes life just sucks.



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