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Hello, I am new to the forums and have a question. Im 47. I lost my job of 7 years due to absences due to illness. I started a new job just a month later but after 4 weeks I got sick and my health was declining again. I decided that my health was more important and want to be around for family and friends so I decided to apply for disability. I hired an advocate and received a cover letter that mentioned "Contacting your Congressman". It stated that most people have a Social Security hearing and contact their Congressman. My question is this...I am only a month into this process and confused about this. Does this have much bearing on ones case? Should I wait until I actually get to the "hearing" stage to write this letter? What is the essence of this letter. Are you pleading your personal case or is it more general? What should I say/include in this letter. Does anyone have any experience with this???


Miss Philicia:
I would wait until you hear from SS. When I applied a decade ago they would expedite a case with HIV/AIDS at least if the medical documentation seemed straight forward and clear. My turn around was maybe three months, perhaps two. I can't recall clearly.

If you're not approved the first go around then you go through all of that very lengthy appeals process and I suppose at that point you can contact your congressman. Actually I don't recall ever hearing about that from others on this forum.

Thank you Miss Philicia. I think I am gonna just wait until I hear back from Social Security. When you applied did you get approved right away or did you have to have the hearing? I wonder what this hearing process is gonna be like if I have to have one?

Miss Philicia:
I was approved the first go around. No denial no appeal, but I don't think that happens as much these days unless your laid up in a hospital bed. It all depends on how well your medical doctor documents things in your application and that they conform to the list of criteria SS has for disability as regards HIV/AIDS.

Hi K,

Welcome to the forums!

Rather than me going into a lengthy (very lengthy) reprise of my efforts to attain disability, I suggest you read my thread here.

"ssdi appeal question..."

Someone in my thread posted a great website (another forum) specifically designed for someone applying for disability.
Some of the "rules" in the SS Blue Book in regards to hiv are ambiguous.
Like Miss P. stated, check out the criteria required for hiv..... in detail!
SS is getting pretty tough these days.

I hope you have a good relationship with your doctor so he documents all of your more subtle health issues.
Even those that do not pertain to hiv.
Your ENTIRE health will be looked at by SS.

Hope this helps.

(I have been hiv+ for over 30 years and was denied twice.)
Ready to file an appeal for a hearing which, by the looks of the wait time will occur in June or July of 2014. Yup, 2014.

It can be a long and frustrating process. :(



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