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--- Quote from: harleymc on July 13, 2013, 10:44:05 PM ---We need to demand accountability from HIV services so that they only receive government funding if they provide services that are appropriate and adequate

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one good way to do this is to join the regional Ryan White Quality Management Committee.  the RW law requires states/regions to have an oversight QM committee and consumer input/membership is also required.

some resources
recently I was sent by my ASO (Catawba Care) in SC and the Charlotte RW TGA in NC to the National Quality center's "Training of Consumers on Quality" and learned a lot about how the laws actually require that consumers be engaged in the oversight of HIV health care.

While it may be a pain in the ass to have to get involved and basically force clinics to be compliant and to give quality health care, it's a lot easier to sit at a conference table and demand better health care than to be near death holding signs outside a government agency demanding the fast tracking and production of medications.

I've mentioned it before in other threads discussing advocacy and this isn't anything different. Good health care doesn't just fall from the sky. In the beginning, PLWHA had to demand services, and today PLWH still need to be demanding services and funding. We can clearly see that when the demand is eased up, the services begin to fail, falter or disappear.


--- Quote from: deibster on July 27, 2013, 11:37:51 PM ---I don't know why you guys live in red states.

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although I missed the part where anyone talked about being in a "red state", the obvious answer is because these are the states where our homes and families are. ;)

often HIV goes hand-in-hand with poverty; and poverty prevents people from just being able to pack up and leave "red states" or leave rural areas (in any colored states) where services often don't reach as well or transportation is an issue.


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