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--- Quote from: LetsKickASS on May 25, 2013, 02:43:50 PM ---I live in San Francisco. I'm a long term survivor. I've been on several studies at SF General. I can't find any information online about the Silver Project. I'd like to inquire about joining and perhaps posting some of my experiences on my website is dedicated to Healing Wounded AIDS Warriors—those traumatically affected by AIDS. HIV is now 30 years old. If our lives are extended, how do we move forward and plan for the next 30 years? Let's come together and figure it out.

AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a trauma-related disorder akin to PTSD. It affects long-term survivors of AIDS, and those who tested positive before 1996 when protease inhibitors changed HIV from a death sentence to a “chronic manageable illness”. Wounded AIDS Warriors are those traumatically affected by HIV/AIDS.

Please check out my effort on line or on Facebook:

Peace and Let's Kick (ASS)
Tez Anderson

--- End quote ---

Hey Tez,

The Positive 360 Clinic is at UCSF and specializes in care of the aging HIV population.  A patient must be a minimum of 50 years old and the Silver Project is a specialized treatment program to assist the providers in finding more needed services.  One must be a patient to be in the program.   8)  Have the best day

Given that the demographics for much of the western world is that the majority of PLWHAS are over 50 (ie we are the core demographic, not the youngsters), I'm wondering if hiving off us oldies into 'silver project' style clinics may be a retrograde step.

We certainly need clinicians/ clinics that can deal with ageing and HIV, but if us oldies are shunted out of the mainsteam HIV services we are essentially giving license to those clinics to ignore us while they chase the minority of patients who are under 50.

We need to demand accountability from HIV services so that they only receive government funding if they provide services that are appropriate and adequate for their core demographic, rather than creaming off funding while they only service the easy-to-care-for younger demographic.

I do not see the Silver Project as a retrograde step.  The program at UCSF is the brain child of the Director of Medicine at Positive 360 clinic which specializes in care of the aging HIVer.  It is a tool to better define the needs of the patient.  As an example, men who are over the age of 50 are recommended to have a colonoscopy.  As an AIDS Patient, I was not referred for a colonoscopy until I was 58 and was expected by my ID Doc to live a long life and die at age 86 of a heart attack.

Even as late as 1996 when I was diagnosed, we weren't expected to live 5 more years.   8)  Have the best day

"As an AIDS Patient, I was not referred for a colonoscopy until I was 58"

Why are we still pumping money into AIDS clinics that are failing basic medicine?

I don't know why you guys live in red states. I live in a small town in MA but we have a non-profit health clinic for Everyone, not just the poor & the hiv people. I know because I see many of the professional people in town, in the waiting room, going to see the same staff that I see. The clinic is part of the Beth-Israel Deaconess system in Boston & we get resident doctors as well as specialists from Boston working at our clinic on a regular basis. My ID doc is a visitor from Beth Israel.

Harley, if your clinic does not refer you for procedures, you have to do research on your own and Request a referral for the procedures recommended for a man your age. Are you on Medicare? If so, you do Not need an insurance referral, and you may be able to call the specialist yourself to request an appointment.

My husband, Not HIV poz, over 65 on Medicare, feels like hell. He was referred to a nephrologist & we went directly to the referral desk to find out how long it would take. They claimed that there were 300 referrals ahead of him & that it would take 2 weeks. He spoke to the doc the next business day & it had already been done; apparently because we went directly to the referral desk & asked about it. You have to stick up for yourself and ask for what you need.
Best of Luck. Hugs from Provincetown, Deiby


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