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I have been a patient at the Positive 360 Clinic at UCSF for several years.  This clinic is developed specifically for men and women who are living with HIV and are over the age of 50.  They are treating for the things which older people get as well as for HIV.  As a patient, I am doing very well there with undetectable vl and my CD 4 T-cells are remaining steady.  It had been the first time in 17 years with AIDS, I was able to not see my ID Doc for a full 6 months.

More recently, Dr. Malcolm John has sent an invitation for the patients to participate in The Silver Project, a program designed to better assess our health and tailor their services to better fit our personal needs.  Our Providers have already been doing some of the steps of the program but yesterday, I met with our Nurse for an in-depth health questionnaire/survey which covers physical, mental, social, and cognitive functions.  I was asked to count down from 100 by seven digits, which I refused...  As I stated to the Nurse, I fail;ed every math class I had all through school until I took Business Math in College where we learned how to use a calculator.

We did some Physical Function exercises, which I know as Sit and Stand from my Physical Therapy and also for fall risk assessment.

There was a vaccination update review where our Nurse noticed, I have only had a flu shot and started asking about others.  Pointed out the health records from 3 providers in 17 years, have everything, every done.  I asked the Nurse to locate my records, everything is there.  Found out I am immune to Hep A, Hep B, as I have been vaccinated and tested negative to Hep C.

There was a dental review and after my oral surgery next week, I will get a full upper denture and a partial lower denture.  My next appointment will include a full physical and the health review from the questionnaire.

Being on a mailing list of my friends in Sonoma County, I received a flyer and they are offering a similar program up there.  We are getting older and are at risk for heart disease and other complications.  Is there a Silver Project type of program where you all get treatment and care?   8)  Have the best day

Hello Michael,

Not that I have heard off in UK. Though quite a few health studies , I did one v. simular to what you described.

Regular source off a downer for me , seeing all the youngsters at the clinic , hate it.

Hey Theyer,

They (UCSF) have a bigger HIV clinic somewhere but there are like 5 or 6 campuses throughout the city of San Francisco and I haven't seen it in all these years.  I did realize that this would be my last clinic when we chose it over all the others and I am expected to live a normal lifespan so...  I chose a doctor who is half my age, went to medical school, residency etc. there and hopefully will not retire until after I die.  I gave him 17 years of my medical records on hard copy.   8)  Have the best day

Wish we had a Silver Project here.
Great idea!

Hey Mitch,

I've been a member of the Forums for around 8 or 9 years and since my life is so fascinating, I go for long periods of time without posting and I don't know where a lot of (most of) the Forum members live.  I was hoping the health care providers in the US are gearing up for some form of Silver Project because so many of us are living to be over 50 and need to be ready for old person treatment in addition to HIV care.   8)  Have the best day


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