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--- Quote from: d-boy86 on May 13, 2013, 04:49:32 PM ---It will take some time. So don't rush it. It's only normal. Just make sure you find a doctor that is educated on the disease; and one that you feel extremely comfortable with. I hated my first doctor. He was an ass, and wasn't sympathetic since I was newbie to the world of HIV. He didn't understand why I asked so many questions, etc. So I switched. It's time for you to move forward in life using your gut and trusting yourself. God has presented you with a 2nd chance, so now it's time for you to take control and live the life he's granted you with. Remember, God only gives us things he knows we can handle. You're not weak, nor stupid. If you were, you wouldn't be on this forum :-)

--- End quote ---

Thank you... by the way.  I just went through the ordeal of talking to the County Health Official.  Wow.. talk about making you turn red with questions.. I mean I know why it is necessary.. but that was certainly and experience 


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