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Hi LTS and friends,
What I hate, is that after I gave to 2 charities, I got requests from 20 more. I wish I knew which one sold my info. I give to my ASO, my pet shelter, to the HRC, ACLU & Democratic party. This last one, because we have had extremely expensive Senate campaigns here in MA. We're in the midst of another one now to replace Secretary of State John Kerry.

The other charities, I have no problem telling them, I'm retired or I'm disabled, Leave Me Alone.
Hugs, Deiby

personally I  dont give to  any  street  solicitors.....  before I will even consider giving I  want to  check their  status    see  How  much  they actually  give to the  cause  they are  collecting for   .... I have a few  Veterans  groups I  support  and even tho  one of them spend an inordinate amount of money on solicitation  nearly  35%  of  total    the work they do is  excellent   and the  staff is primarily volunteer ...have  found a few "charities" that  actually spend 90%  on administration (  re:  salaries and  rent )    so be  aware  of  who and  what they are  doing with the  money before  you give ......


PS   the  reason you get  a  rush of other  solicitations is  that one of the ways  the  groups  make  money  is to  sell a  "hot list"  of  givers  to other groups  I  coded  my  donation  and  found that the  Political  are the  worst  one  donation to  a local  congressman  generated  6  request  from similar  groups  local  state  and national

I do all my donations via monthly deductions from bank account, mix of charitites and causes not all HIV related.


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