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Just tested positive for Hep C...

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Should I be worried? I have already determined that I will stop drinking. However, if I get on medication and do what's right by my doctor, will I still be able to live a long life?

I don't know much about hepatitis c. Can someone you please educate me?


I thought I read more and more people are being cured of Hep C.    The treatments available today don't have a 100% cure rate but it's getting better each year supposedly.

Example (quick google search)

I'd find someone local to you doing clinical research trials

Thanks Jaz. So if treated, I can expect to live a normal full life?

Well you have a 78% chance of being totally cured of Hep C according to the link above.  I don't know much about Hep C to be honest just wanted to share that link

Okay thanks! :D


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