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hi guys!
Its my first time posting here. i am a heterosexual male from Singapore. I would like to know the chances of being infected by HIV from my exposure.   
1. Protected sex in September 2012 with a thai CSW (tested negative at 6eeks)
2. Handjob from a masseur (January)
3. Another handjob from a masseur (January)
4. Protected oral sex from masseur,wore condom durex extra safe; did not break. (February)
5. Protected oral sex, but performed UNPROTECTED cunnilingus on masseur. Lips were badly chapped due to accutane ,wore condom okamoto 003; did not break. (April)
6. Protected oral sex from masseur and protected frottage.  Found 3 blobs of fluid on my penis shaft. could it be sweat or saliva? unsure? condom was Premier Extra safe.  Frottage wasn't really frottage, just happened that my penis touch her vagina with a condom on for 2 seconds. (April)

Point to note: Acts 2-6 NO VAGINAL NOR ANAL SEX AT ALL.
In addition, i had a elisa 3rd gen antibody finger prick test, on 6th may, 1month post exposure number 5 and 3weeks post exposure number 6.

Please help me. i am pretty scared. especially exposure number 5 as my lips were chapped.

For exposures 1-4 are all tested negative since the 6th may 3rd gen test at 3-7months post exposure. I am concern about points 5 and 6. Specifically point 5, badly chapped lips and cunnilingus, despite the 1 month 3rd gen neg.

Jeff G:
You did not have a risk in any of the situations you described , I read them carefully and found no reason for you to have a test for HIV .

Because you didn't have a risk for ANY of the things you are concerned with about you can count your HIV test as conclusive that you are indeed HIV negative .

The cunnilingus you was not a risk for HIV so you need not worry about that aspect as well . HIV transmission doesn't stand a chance of happening via female genitals to mouth - there are just too many obstacles on the oral route.

The first obstacle is the mouth itself. The mouth is a veritable fortress, standing against all sorts of pathogens we come into contact with every minute of our lives. It's a very hostile environment and saliva has been shown to contain over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that damage HIV.

HIV is a very fragile virus - literally. Its outer surface doesn't take kindly to changes in its preferred environment; slight changes in temperature, moisture content and pH levels all damage the outer surface. Importantly, it needs this outer surface to be intact before it can latch onto a few, very specific cell types and infect. 

Which leads to the second obstacle. HIV can only latch onto certain types of cells, cells which are not found in abundance in the mouth.

The third obstacle to transmission this way is having HIV present in the first place. The female secretion where HIV has been shown to be present is the cervicovaginal fluid. This fluid is actually a thick mucus that covers and protects the cervix.

The fluid a woman produces when sexually excited comes from the Bartholin's glands, located on either side of the vaginal opening. I have yet to discover one shred of evidence (and believe me, I've looked) that shows this lubricating fluid to have any more HIV present than other bodily secretions such as saliva, sweat or tears. Saliva, sweat and tears are NOT infectious fluids.

So there you have it. Once the results of the serodiscordant studies started rolling in, what we know about HIV transmission on the cellular level was validated. The only people who were getting infected were those who had unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. Period. One of the three studies went on for ten years and involved hundreds of couples. That's a lot of nookie.

Thanks! So can I move on fully? Or should I test again at 3months? I will be serving the army soon next year July; should I wait for that time to get tested or test immediately at 3months?

Jeff G:

--- Quote from: Virginiamenthol on May 10, 2013, 08:12:55 PM ---Thanks! So can I move on fully? Or should I test again at 3months? I will be serving the army soon next year July; should I wait for that time to get tested or test immediately at 3months?

--- End quote ---

You do not need to test again , you didn't have a risk and you have already tested negative for HIV . Its safe to move on .

Thanks Jeff g! But the cunnilingus and chapped lips, does it not support transmission? The chapped lips may have had wounds(tho I did apply Vaseline but it could have dried up)!


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