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--- Quote from: rock448 on May 10, 2013, 12:32:10 PM ---Married having daughter, did self diagnosis initially, my data-->
Super Stressed after possible exposure

CD4 Test on 15th Day after exposure
My Interpretation: CD4 Low, CD4% Low, CD8 seems high [CD8=CD3-CD4], CD4/CD4 ratio 0.7, lab report
Absolute Lymphocyte 1245 [range 990-3150]
CD3 Total T 76 [59-83]
Absolute CD3 941 [677-2383]
CD4 Helper T 30 [31-59]
CD4 Absolute 380 [424-1509]
RNA Quantitative Real Time PCR on 17 day: Target Not Found

CMIA Combo (Antibodies+P24) on 28th, 42nd and 54th Day: Non-Reactive

Shingles in the week 10th post exposure. No fever so far, checking daily but rest almost all symptoms of ARS.

Now into 11th week decided to test only after 13 weeks though consulted 2 HIV specialists but both said different things.
HIV Spec1: He is sure that RNA Quan PCR at 17 days and Elisa combo at 54th day are 95% conclusive. Recommended testing after 13 weeks just for peace of mind. He said super stress caused T cell in balance and shingles. He is 100% sure that if CD4 was low on 15th day then RNA quantitative (can detect 20 copies) must have shown some Viral Load.

HIV Spec2: Blunt Lady, Told just opp, said CD4-CD8 is a big RISK indicator, tell your wife, avoid all risks until tested after 12 weeks, explained about ART.

I know you guys also provide ease to the anxiety until someone if tested +ve. But can you please provide your honest opinion on my case.


--- End quote ---

As we deal a lot with risk assessment, and you have not provided a risk to assess, I shall simply assume it was unprotected receptive anal sex - the highest sexual risk.

In this case, your testing is conclusive. You are HIV negative. The cd4 count, percentages, lymphocyte numbers are irrelevant. What is relevant is the absence of HIV antibodies/antigen as demonstrated in  your testing history.

In the absence of further risk, you are conclusively HIV negative.

Thanks for the reply, please note that I am not yet over 12 weeks post exposure. So my elisa after 12 weeks is still pending.

Do you feel I am negative and do not need further testing? I sincerely re

Specialist two was either ignoring your labs or was/is ignorant of the fact that the vast majority of positive persons seroconvert within 22 days post exposure.

If you want to test at 13 weeks for peace of mind you will have a reliably negative result.

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