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Condom break possible ars or whether change or anxiety

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Jeff G:
The only way to know if you are HIV positive or negative is to Test at the appropriate time . Its futile to discuss symptoms so we do not get into that , symptoms are not specific to HIV so as much as you would like to comment on ARS symptoms we simply cant because it doesn't help a thing . There are infinitely more condition that fit the same criteria if you ere to search for HIV symptoms .

I hate to keep saying no to you but we do not give odds or percentages when we do risk assessments because it would be impossible for us to factor in all the variables in order to be accurate .

The bottom line is a risk is a risk and now you must wait 6 weeks to test and again at three months to confirm the results . In my experience , I think you are going to be OK .   

I see JK has answered you first and he is correct in his assessment .   


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