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Doesn't matter if your viral counts go up or not. You still tested positive. You may be a long term non progresser like I was, but eventually you can write that off the books. If you would read some on the posts there are quite a few LTNP on this forum.

what does that mean, long term progressor ?  what were your viral counts when this started happening ? any specific info is much appreciated as I am completely confused. I'll search the boards for long term progressors ...


Matty the Damned:
Long Term Non Progressors are HIV positive people who don't develop any of the problems associated with HIV infection over a REALLY long period of time. It all gets rather complex. Like I said we have a number of such people here, the most notable being Zephry and OzPaul.

Try searching under their names for relevant threads.

It's thought by some scientific types that such people may have an ability to suppress the activity of the virus and thus they are the subject of interest to certain researchers who hypothesise that within these individuals we may find a cure.

I'm no expert on these things and I'm certainly not suggesting that you're an LTNP.



Overall good news.  Looks like no meds for a long, long time.  Does your doc have an idea of when you might have been infected?  For me it was apparently sometime in my mid 20s (I'm 37 now).  So I lived awhile w/o meds although my health did decline slowly.  My advice, aside from participating in other forums, you may want to still have periodic tests to make sure you stay on top of everything so you can begin meds when they are necessary.  Now that you know you are positive, you can do all the other things to maintain/improve your health and be better prepared than some of us (me especially) were.


Hi Sara,

I'm in a similar situation to you.  I was diagnosed just under a year ago and infected about 15 months ago.  Since then I have always maintained an undetectable viral load with a CD4 count 1300+.  I think with your three positive test results it was unfair of your doctor to suggest that you are immune to HIV as that is not the case.  You have like myself however been extremely lucky and seem to have developed a strong response to infection and it may be many years before you need medication.  There are some people on here who have been HIV+ for over 10 years and still don't need medication.  As for taking part in research there is a study of Long term non progressors going on in the US.  Before you would be eligible for this study you would need to have kept a viral load of less than 2000 for at least 12 months.  There is more details about the study at these links:

If you've got any questions just send me a PM.



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