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Hello All,

Interesting situation here, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I feel it is important that I tell my story in that it might help somehow.

I tested postive for HIV last monday by Elisa test AND by a Western Blot. All "bars" on the Western Blot were postive. I had a second, finger prick ELISA test done on Tuesday which was also positive.

Last Monday, after hearing the results, I saw a specialist. I had blood drawn for CD4 and viral load tests done.

I have spent the last week figuring out how to live as HIV positive. This forum as been incredibly valuable and helpful.

I got my test results back today. My viral counts are undetectable, so under 50. My CD4 is in the 800 range. The doctor says there are two options:

1. Somehow, the first two rounds of test were wrong and I am HIV negative.

2. I am in the 1% of caucasians that are somehow "immune" to HIV. The receptors on my CD4 cells do not allow the virus to attach, and therefore HIV does not enter my cells and therefore does not affect my immune system. I am not a biologist, if this description is wrong please correct me but also please understand I am just trying to pass on what might be valuable information.

My doctor did not give me option #3, which would be that this is still somehow going to affect me, that I will still end up with a viral load and lower CD4 counts. I am not a researcher or a doctor, just an average person trying to make sense of what is going on. I am confused and uncertain, in my mind I am still very much HIV positive. Even if immune, I could still pass this on to other people.

I am having another Western Blot done and should find out the results on Wednesday.

I am wondering if there is anybody out there with any information. If it is really true that I am somehow "immune," I would like to participate in whatever clinical trials I can to see if it can help in finding a cure. If anybody has ANY information on researchers that I should contact, please email me either through here or at .  I am not trying to generate false hope for anybody that has a positive test. My doctor says that this is very rare, he has seen of a case like this only once before. I do not really understand what is going on, only that I want to be an activist for HIV research and that I am likely HIV positive.

Please respond,



Two ELISA positive tests and Western Blot positive. You're HIV positive.

Matty the Damned:
Gotta agree with Roddles here. It sounds like you're HIV positive to me.


Just to clarify, I did not post for folks to speculate  as to  whether I am postive or not. If you read my post, you will see that I assume I am postive. I am looking for information about research in the hopes that whatever is going on with my immune system might bring help for a cure. I am looking for people that might know something about cases like this. I am looking to find out if my viral counts will go up.



Matty the Damned:

And we're not speculating. ELISA positive + WB positive == HIV positive. That's all there is to it. On that basis, you got the gift my dear.

That said, there are some people called Long Term Non Progressors who, whilst positive, seem to suppress the virus for reasons yet not known. We have some members here who fall into that category. Maybe if you check out the Clinical Trials forums you might find some interesting threads on the matter.




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