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Undetectable with Declining CD4s -- Any Guidance?

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Thanks guys.  My total lymphocyte numbers are low and have probably been cut in half over the past year.  My one doc thought my body just wasn't tolerating the combo I was on very well and was causing the overall decrease in lymphocytes (hence the switch from Truvada to Epzicom).  I saw a hematologist about 6 months ago but they didn't find anything too out of the ordinary (except a positive ANA which the rheumatologist declared insignificant after follow-up work).  Are you guys aware of anything non-HIV related that would be causing this?


My last CD4/CD8 was 1.06. It has bounced around a bit but has been above 1 for the most part. 

I sympathize that a lower CD4 count may sound 'bad news', but, from what you're saying, I would not worry too much

a ratio > 1 is sometimes considered as a 'good news' in term of recovery, since a ratio <1 (and usual far below, mine WAS 0.25) is considered a hallmark of the disease, whereas > 1 is supposingly the 'normal' range.

There is no much 'clinical' benefit in terms of life expectancy, etc associated with a better ratio, but >1 is considered by some doctor as a plus and encouraging sign

I have put comment here:

BTW, that threat also provide some useful info about EPZICOM

Most likely your number will go up slow and one might say that is thanks to the switch to Epzicom. Hum... Switch or no switch your numbers would likely have gone up anyway.

BTW, the CD4 recovery is a 2 phase: there is an initial strong phase of about 150 (but bear in mind many people start low), then a plateau , then after another 6 m to 1 y. another raise of 150. I could find the reference for you, but, again, I would not worry

Epzicom seems a little less popular that Truvada, but, here again, there are pros and cons and most likely you will be fine with it (as do many, many, who do that switch...)

Good Luck Eric


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