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Mathematical Model Measures Hidden HIV. More meds needed?

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Miss Philicia:
I've had to be on an extra 4th HIV med in my regimens for about a decade, due to longstanding resistance issues that I developed back in the 1990's. However I think when dolutegravir gets FDA approved soon my doctor will switch me to that and also take away one other drug so I won't be on 4 meds any longer. I'll believe that when it happens.

The "action date" for FDA approval of that drug is now set for 17 August according to a Glaxo newsletter from the end of April to shareholders, so only three months to go!

Yes I would wait for DLG, it seems to be much better than RAL and is once daily.
I asked the question some days ago, so far nobody wanted to answer it.

Do they mean in the CROI abstract that DLG also works against latent macrophages and lymphozytes, or only acute infected cells? I dont understand it properly  :(

Conclusions:  DTG efficiently reduces HIV-1 replication in both MDM and lymphocytes, with the potential to be effective in different cellular targets of HIV infection. RAL-resistant viruses show reduced replication capacity in both MDM and lymphocytes, underlining the importance and the peculiar role of also MDM as reservoirs of either wild type or resistant strains in human organs.

"with the potential to be effective in different cellular targets of HIV infection"

Potential is all we get.


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