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Anxieties and navel piercing



I am randomly having anxieties over my navel piercing I received over a year ago.  (I randomly obsess over possibly contracting diseases for some reason.)  I got my navel pierced over a year ago from a shop that a friend and I checked out a week before when she got a piercing.  I would like to know the likelihood of contracting HIV from getting a navel piercing.  I have not had intercourse, 23, and partially because of my obsession and fear of contracting any type of disease and partially for religion and personal preference.  Will maybe feel better about having sex once I am in a monogamous long-term relationship (likely to be marriage).  Will someone be able to assist me with my question?

Thanks a bunch!

Jeff G:
Hi Serp , the CDC has never recorded or reported that one single person has ever been infected in the manner you are concerned about .

A few of the obstacles that hamper this from happening are considerable , HIV is easily damaged and rendered unable to infect when exposed to air or is simply outside of a host body .

You are worrying needlessly about being infected in this manner , it simply doesn't happen that way . I urge you to seek therapy for your anxiety's , live is too precious and short to live with unreasonable fear . 

Well, I have yet to see a documented case of HIV transmitted through a piercing, so if you are the first in medical history, then you will likely be the subject of great interest and I imagine your treatment would be free.

So cheers!

Seriously, obsessing over this sort of no-risk event for a YEAR should be a red flag to tell you to get into therapy. No one ought to live with that sort of irrational fear.

You could, of course, get an HIV test and be done with it. They are sold over the counter at drugstores now.

Wear a condom for penetrative anal and vaginal sex. Don't share needles if you inject drugs.  That pretty much covers your HIV concerns right there.

Thanks guys for your quick responses !

Jeff G:
You are welcome and its safe to move on from this now that you know the facts about HIV . 

Once again , I urge you to get treatment for your health phobia so that you can fully ejoy what life has to offer without suffering fear. I'm wishing you the best .


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