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Exhaustion & Dealing with it

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Quick up date dear hearts , I am on friends computer back up in the Orkney's and am very pleased to be here.

My energy levels are picking up , and I am more than pleased. The past 3 year's have been very hard and as is so often the case with on going situations it is only when change occurs that one realizes quite how awful things have been.

Thanks for the replies they do cheer, am Grandad sitting for a friend at the moment so will have to be brief.

over and out

Jeff G:
Maybe I should try Orkney instead or bourbon to lift my spirits ... your update made it a better day , so thanks for that  .     

I'm late to this topic but, could you be dealing with low "T". Testosterone supplements have given me a boost. I was always tired and as my T level dropped so did my energy. Just a thought.

Welcome Bill ,yes at times my testosterone has been low and I have received both Gel and Depo injection , it affected the levels but I did not notice any change.

Jeff----You are welcome to both a Bourbon in Westray, you would need it today as its pretending to be winter.

Friends comp Quick messages.


Started Atripla last fall and had major sleeping issues. The doc put me on Lunesta and that cleared up the sleeping issues for me.


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