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I have just had two very active days and as usual spent the last 20 hours sleeping.
This is my pattern following any increase in usual activity , I crash unable to stay awake , the record , without being in hospital , was 48 hours.

It can frighten me , as I wake remembering that I was determined to stay awake, coffee is often spilt on bed/chair as I have fallen asleep holding the cup.Even sitting on the toilet does not keep me awake during these periods.

I have sought advice the most repeated being control the level off energy when you have it, this is almost imposable for me as it means stopping what I am enjoying and probably leaving a task part finished. It also means being someone I am not. So I have got to the point off accepting it , playing it by fear , when I am scared enough I call on a friend who either stays on the phone on comes visit and after an hour or two I am usually OK.

Would be very interested in others experiences, I think I have now accepted this is my pattern and am building it in to life, however still feel a bit shaky after an episode.

So does this ring bells for you?


Hey Michael,

I have been known to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, even when I try my best to stay awake.

I haven't slept for 48 hours consecutively, but there are days I think I could.

I wish I had something to help you battle this. The best I can offer is to try to maintain good sleep habits as best you can.

It isn't a cureall, but it does seem to help somewhat.



Hi Michael,

When you say the longest was "48 hours," do you mean you slept for 48 hours?  I haven't slept for that amount of hours, but I'm like Mark, I can fall asleep at odd times.  Like when I was taking in-class classes, I would fall asleep while the professor was standing up lecturing.  My classmates would be awake, and I would all of a sudden jerk awake.

I wish I had some answers for you.  Aren't you just getting over some bouts of illness?  I was wondering if this is your body recovering, or if there's something more serious going on your doctor should examine.  Good luck with this, please let us know what's going on through the days ahead.


Dear Ones,

First to clarify, when i say 48 hours that was the period I was unable to stay awake in , I will wake struggle to stay awake then wake up to Begin it all again. I rarely ether sleep for More than 3 hours at a stretch. This has been so since startinging combo, it had a huge effect on sleeping including not being able to.

It,s midday now and I am finally awake , hopefully tomorrow I will be awake by 10 am.

With out these extremes I have always been a night owl.

Had my regular 3 monthly full bloods check up last week so if there is something in the woodshed it will show.

This has been the way since 2000 or so after my first bout off chemo.

As i thought I would not be alone in dealing with sleep issues thanks for the posts its good to start the day with them.

Hugs, Kisses on both cheeks

added-- This happens wether I am getting over illness or not.

Hi Michael,
I Don't know if you are on any Psych medications. I became fatigued before I even got an hiv test, so it was Not mental from finding out I was Poz. The test was Poz and I was determined not to be depressed for years like my parents. I'm on antidepressants, less now than when I first started, and on Prescription speed. It has made a world of difference in my life. I'm retired now, but I worked for 12 years after I was diagnosed. Best wishes with it. How old are you?
Big hugs from Provincetown, Deiby


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