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my dr. asked me if I wanted to be part of a clinical study that's being sponsored by Gilead Science Inc. They're trying out a new form of Stribild that's suppose to be better than the original Stribild. According to the consent form, it also has less side effects.

I'm just wondering if it'll be safe, considering the fact that it's not yet FDA approved. The study will be monitoring bone density (spine and hip), so that mean's I'll be expose to radiation. DEXA scan will be performed Day 1, Weeks 24, 48, 72 and 96 and then every 24 weeks post Week 96. 

My partner and I are worried since no amount of radiation is considered safe and I'll pretty much be a "lab rat".

Has anyone enrolled in a clinical study, if so, what was your experience?

They want to test the new formulation of TDF(Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, brand name Viread. It also part of Truvada, Atripla, Complera, Stribilid) called TAF( tenofovir alafenamide).

You can read about the drug here ""

The new drug seems very promising, should be on Phase 2 by now or you are on phase 2 study.

Gilead have been greedy lately, they now what to only launch this new promising TAF in the form of fix dose combination only supposedly with emticitabine+elvitegrevir+cobicitat and make all the profit to themselves. Nice isn't????
If you enroll, you will also help advance HIV medication research and the profit of Gilead. My opinion, go on at least you will get free very expensive medication for the whole duration of the study.

I hope this help.

Hi CA86

I was part of a double blind trial when I first started meds this past October.
It was phase 3; Kivexa plus 10, 30 or 60mg of the new Glaxo Smith Kline drug.

Since it was my first kick at the can on meds to begin with, I was pretty concerned but my Doc was with me the whole step of the way. I also had blood work and an office visit every month so I was well taken care of.

Since it was phase 3, if felt pretty confident that a lot of potential weird stuff had already been identified.

I was glad I did it.

1) According to the wikipedia article about DEXA scan:

The radiation received by the patient during the scan is less than that of an airline flight from California to New York and back

Find out if that is about right and that may lesson your fearl.

2) Are you doing it because your need the free treatment?  If so, then its a good choice to do it.  Besides the economic bonus, you might also get a LOT of medical attention and close attention.  That can be reassuring at a stressful time for your mind and body.

3) If your "feeling" is that you'll be a lab rat, and you don't need the free treatment, don't do it.  It's a bad choice according to your own hunches.

4) Do you want to "help science"?  Is helping science more important to you than the previous 3) consideration? 


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