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Two reported cured of HIV in Kenya?

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When i saw the word Kenya i stopped reading.

Jeff G:
I think it was around 1988 I stopped  believing a cure would be around the corner and concentrated on how much damage I could do to my body having fun before Aids did the rest .

I heard about the 3 drug cocktail from a over served customer where I was bartending , he was crying tears of joy and trying to get behind the bar to hug me ... so I had security throw him out . A few days later my doctors confirmed there was indeed a promising 3 drug combo for me to take ... a few days after that I was on them and it was the first time of many that I shit my pants in public .

I'm not trying to Highjack this thread  , its that I feel a little protective of some of the new people here that just now finding their way living with this virus . I dont want them getting their hopes up or spending money on scams , getting hurt .

We had a very sweet intelligent member here that came onto the forum announcing plans to fly thousands of miles for treatments that she was promised would cure her and she was crushed and angry when we had to warn her not to go , shes not been back much since because it left her with hurt feelings .

This is a highjack and I do apologize to the OP , but I just had to say it because some people do get hurt when they read threads like this before they have had time to gain  the experience to be skeptical . 


--- Quote from: sensual1973 on May 06, 2013, 04:29:38 PM ---When i saw the word Kenya i stopped reading.

--- End quote ---
Well that's sad.  The point of critical media literacy is to read a text, or watch a report, and judge its merits.  The article says nothing different than all the public relations releases about "cures" from the big players...   

Yes the point is always, show the research please.....   

A few weeks ago I said I would love it and would not be surprised if the "cure" came from some unexpected place - unexpected because its not in the big leagues of scientific research. 

You all know that there are REAL fucking universities in Kenya, in Africa, in most so called "developing" nations around the world.  Jeez! 

Sure there's a history of snake oil in many parts of the world, about HIV or any disease.  But we don't need to completely dismiss news, based on the nation it comes from...   A press release from a legitimate scientist, or a legit university, should be given some advance cred, so at least you read it and ask - where is the proof.  A press release from a legit source, IS NOT THE SAME as an online scam from a "Nigerian Prince", in the often quoted example.. 

A cure will occur within five years...

Yes, I am new to all this, but I am very skeptical when it comes to an HIV cure. Thats why I used a question mark (?) at the end of the title sentence as opposed to an exclamation mark (!)  And in my reply, I even used SEEMS ( "the doctor SEEMS legit") in capital letters and not the third-person singular present tense of the English language verb "to be"... IS legit....:D    Yes, the "dr" SEEMS legit, meaning he SEEMS to exist. But I smell BS none-the-less.   :)


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