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Two reported cured of HIV in Kenya?

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I'm generally all for open discussion and against locking threads.
But in this case, yes, please let's lock it and move on...

I'm not going to lock it. If I do, sooner or later someone will probably start a new thread about it. We still can't be sure whether or not he may be on to something, and neither will he until he wises up and starts practicing proper protocol and shows a little more respect to the wider scientific community.

If there's a lack of interest in his ideas, the thread will slowly drop out of sight. If people keep posting only to make comments about Barasa or calling for the thread to be locked, it will only keep it hovering near the top.


--- Quote from: buginme2 on July 18, 2013, 12:28:50 PM ---It's one thing to start a discussion about some kokamamy cure from Kenya.  It's another thing to have the actual "researcher" post how he has found a cure before it  has had a chance to be properly vetted.

--- End quote ---
I know I'm keeping this going, but....  :P

cure? I read his stuff. Basically, he quotes the life cycle and functions of HIV based upon other people's work. Then he follows with more research from others about how HIV "hides" in reservoirs, and those reservoirs needs to be flushed if the HIV is ever going to be completely cleared/cured/medicated out of someone. After nearly thirty years of paying attention to the science and studying this issue/disease that killed so many friends and partners (and nearly myself!), personally, I didn't see anything new that I didn't already know about the science of HIV.

of course, he (barasa) claims he's found the trick/medication that will tease out the reservoirs; but without clinical data and trials to back up those claims, it all just sounds like more pie-in-the-sky this-will-be-the-cure-in-another-10-years sort of nonsense we hear over and over and over. It's definitely no real "cure". At best, it's just the thought/whisper behind a cure sometime in the far future.



 Daily Nation. Great scientific journal. Read it all the time... ::)


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